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Australia: Latest arena for ISI’s propaganda warfare against India

Propaganda has always been ISI’s weapon against India. Across the Indian ocean, ISI has created a web of India-hating politicians, academicians, activists, ex-Pakistani citizens and human rights organizations to further its narrative against India. Kashmir has been the major focal point of this nexus. In congruence with the well-known modus operandi, ISI is using Pakistan High Commission (PHC) in Australia as a front to organize and coordinate the working.

Pakistani High Commission has established deep roots in New South Wales(NSW) Parliament. New South Wales (NSW) houses more than 50% of Australia’s Muslim population. Many of the voters are ex-Pakistanis or have links to Pakistan. Politicians from NSW rely on their support for continuance in the office. Taking advantage of this situation, ISI has reduced NSW Parliament to serve its vested interests. Several anti-India motions has been tabled in the Parliament. Additionally, the NSW Parliament has served as host for multiple anti-India seminars, webinars, round tables, etc.

NSW Parliament, a hub for Anti-India activities
NSW Parliament passed several such motions criticizing India

Pakistan funded/supported anti-India nexus comprises of the players from different walks of life. It includes politicians, academicians, activists, ex-Pakistani citizens and human rights groups. Let us look at major players in detail.


Shaoquett Moselmane

A member of Legislative assembly in the NSW Parliament, Shaoquett Moselmane is a controversial politician of Australian Labor Party. Considered close to China, he was expelled from his party in June, 2020 after his house was searched by federal agents on charges of espionage. He is also said to have visited China at-least 15 times. He regularly features in Pakistan anti-India events organized by PHC and other minions of Pakistan.

Shaoquett Moselmane with PHC High Commissioner Babar Amin
Shaoquett Moselmane with potrait of Md Ali Jinnah

Lee Rhiannon

Former senator of Green Party from NSW, Lee resigned to make way for Pakistani born Mehreen Farooqui , who became the first Muslim women senator in Australia. She is very close to the Pakistan establishment in Australia and was awarded Pakistan Presidential medal “Sitara-e-Quaid-e-Azam” in November 2020. She has visited Pakistan occupied Kashmir in 2018 where she met several Pakistani leaders including foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Ms. Lee regularly participates in events organized by PHC and is known for anti-India views.

Lee Rhiannon met Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi
Lee Rhiannon speaking against India’s stand on Kashmir in an event organized by PHC

David Shoebridge

A pro-Pakistani and a member of NSW Parliament from Greens Party, David Shoebridge is a known Hindu hater. He is known to have association with ISI operative and Khalistan sympathizer Pieter Friedrich. Mr. Shoebridge has used motion in NSW Parliament to peddle hatred and misinformation against India. Additionally, he has also organized multiple seminars and webinars to further his pro-Pakistani agenda.

David Shoebridge featured in the youtube Channel of ISI operative and Khalistan Sympathizer Pieter Fedrich
David Shoebridge participated in anti-India round table organized by Humanism Project

Jihad Dib

Jihad Dib is a MP in NSW Parliament from Australian Labor Party. A Muslim of Lebanese origin, Mr. Dib regularly associates with Pakistan Association of Australia (PAA) and has also attended Eid Party hosted by PAA at NSW Parliament House in Sydney.

Mehreen Farooqui

Pakistani born Greens party Senator from New South Wales, Ms. Farooqui frequently speaks on the Kashmir issue while conspicuously remains silent on plight of Uyghur Muslims in China. She proudly features on the Pak-sponsored website ‘Pride of Pakistan’.


Dr Claude Rakisits

A Professor at Department of International Relations, Australian National University, Dr Rakisits is extremely anti-BJP and Anti-India. He is very active on social media and often retweets the posts of Kashmir Institute of International Affairs, an anti-India forum. Dr Rakisits is regulary features in anti-India forums organised by PHC.

Dr Rakisits associating with Pakistan High Commissioner Babar Amin
Anti India posts by Dr Rakisits
Dr Rakisits and others participating in anti-India webinar

Sameena Yasmeen

A Professor at Centre for Muslim states and societies in University of Western Australia, Pakistani born Sameena Yasmeen, organized a special talk for Babar Amin, PHC in the University on the issue of Human Rights and Humanitarian Situation in Kashmir.

association with Pakistan

Christopher Snedden

A writer, Mr Snedden has written books on Kashmir aligned to pro-Pakistani narrative. He has travelled to Pakistan several times and one look at his facebook page unambiguously establishes his Anti-India credentials.

Snedden associating with Pakistan officials
Hatred against India, even good things are met with disgust

Zarin Seema Siddiqui

A Pakistan born Psychiatrist, Ms. Siddiqui is a Professor in University of Western Australia. She is also the chairperson of ‘Pakistanis in Australia’. Facebook page of Pakistanis In Australia has posts related to Kashmir issue defaming India of human rights violence.

Pakistani Diaspora

Mohamad Zahagir Khan

A Pakistani Army Veteran, Mr. Khan is the president of Pakistani Association of Western Australia (PAWA). PAWA is closely associated with PHC and frequently posts anti-India content on its social media pages.

Ali Mardana Shah

Vice President of PAWA and Tehreek-i-Insaf, Australia chapter, Mr. Shah regularly features on PHC events targeted against India.

Source: Twitter @PakinAustralia
Source: Facebook

Anti-India Platform

Humanism Project

Humanism Project is founded by an Indian-origin doctor Mohamed Haroon Kasim. YouTube channel of Md. Haroon features Tanmanjeet Singh Desi, British MP who is a Khalistan supporter and known for his anti-India stand. Humanism Project closely associates with anti-India elements like Lee Rhiannon and David Shoebridge and organizes webinars and seminars condemning policies of Indian Government.

Flowchart explaining the links and network of Humanism project

Kashmir Council of Australia

Founded by Dr Ali Sarfaraz, a Pakistani-Origin doctor, Kashmir Council of Australia is frequently takes anti-India stand on Kashmir issue. On its social media pages, KCA is seen criticizing India on perceived human rights violation in Kashmir. Dr Ali Sarfaraz regularly associates with PHC and has also hosted dinner in the honor of High commissioner Babar Amin

Stand With Kashmir

Stand with Kashmir is a part of ISI’s international nexus, created to target India on Kashmir in collusion with US government officials and India based activists like Kavita Krishnan, Suchitra Vijayan etc.

Amnesty International Australia

Amnesty Australia regularly posts anti-India contents on social media. In 2019, it provided platform to Pakistan High commissioner Babar Amin Babar Amin to run Anti-India agenda on Jammu & Kashmir issue.


Slowly but surely, Australia is being converted into a launchpad for anti-India propaganda. The need is to counter them and expose them. This is small attempt in this direction. Thank You. Jai Hind.


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