USCIRF Report, 2020 – Low on facts, High on Propaganda

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) in its Annual Report published in April, 2020 had recommended to the US Government to designate India as a ‘Country of Particular Concern’ (CPC) and alleged that the Government engaged in or tolerated particularly severe violations of religious freedom. 

The report was compiled on the data provided by the US Embassy in India, which in turn was sourced primarily alleged incidents of violence against Christian minorities in India, from various Christian organizations, including United Christian Forum(UCF), Persecution Relief (PR – India Chapter), Religious Liberty Commission of Evangelical Fellowship of India (RLC-EFI) among others. Each of these organizations brought out periodic reports highlighting alleged incidents of persecution of Christians.

Incidents reported by UCF

One website ( is maintained by UCF, which tabulated incidents against Christians without any verification. UCF had claimed 122 incidents of targeted violence and hostility against Christians during January-June, 2020. It was found that only 19% of the incidents were projected truthfully, 34% were exaggerated and the remaining 47% incidents were either false or wrongfully projected.

Incidents reported by PR-India

Similarly, the PR-India Chapter ( had claimed 293 incidents of hate crimes against Christians during January-June, 2020.  However, it had provided details of only 15 incidents.  Even out of these 15 incidents, only 4 incidents were found to be projected truthfully, 4 incidents were exaggerated and the remaining 7 incidents were either false or wrongfully projected.

Incidents reported by RLC-EFI

In EFI’s 2019 Annual Report ‘Hate and Targeted violence against Christians in India’ ( the outfit alleged that 366 incidents of violence had taken place in the year 2019.  Fact check reveled that only 26% of the instances were projected truthfully, 35% were exaggerated and the remaining 39% were either false or wrongfully projected as instances of targeted violence against Christians. In some cases, incidents of purely criminal nature, arising out of personal issues had been categorized as violence against Christians.

All these manipulated data, when viewed in conjunction, presented highly distorted picture of violence and persecution against minority community in the country. Thus we ran a twitter campaign exposing the truth.

As expected, the usual suspects and their army of minions came after us. They called us names, questioned our integrity, asked for proof (without presenting any themselves) and even tried to muzzle our voice by reporting our months of hard work.

Since these people want proof so desperately, we will present some damning evidence soon. Till then. endure and wait.

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